Ascent Learn

A Digital Learning Environment

Explore best practice concepts and discover new approaches on the Ascent.


Enter a secure online library of first class learning. Move from room to room to discover different topics, from Management to Negotiation.


Delve in to the detail with our demonstration videos and self-learning topic guides. Or quickly refresh and test your knowledge with our flashcards and knowledge checker.


Share your own thoughts, event outputs and change commitments in the ‘your journey’ section. See what your colleagues learnt during recent workshops. View video role plays and activity outcomes from different groups and teams. Share success stories and key learns.

Building your Environment


We work with your business leaders to create a learning environment bespoke to your needs.


You can choose which topic rooms to feature, the content you’d like to include and what stories and event outputs to showcase. Or our expert Consultants can choose options to suit your needs based on our findings in discovery.

Choose from 8 learning rooms:










Each learning room features a range of learning materials to suit different learning styles, including…

Illustrative Videos



Self Learning Guide




Knowledge Checker

You can also share your stories and event outputs…

Discussions & Sharing

We can also include a forum where learners can;

  • Discuss particular topics
  • Share ideas
  • Share their own techniques and approaches
  • Share their stories
  • Discuss progress and their development journey
  • Ask questions and seek guidance from colleagues and Bigrock

Event Outputs

We can also feature outputs from training or change events. Learners can reflect on their own training experiences and see what other groups discussed.

Outputs can include;

  • Videos of your role plays and group activities
  • Individual or group commitments to change
  • Overall outcomes and conclusions

Ascent Learn can be used as a single learning solution or…

…as the online ‘hub’ of a broader change programme.

Support employees between events, workshops and coaching, with a central hub where learners can refresh their knowledge, reflect on the events and share stories.

…as pre or post event support for one of our training courses.

Learn key principles and tools ahead of a practical workshop. Check and refresh your knowledge after training. Revise and embed learning for 12 months following your event.

 …or as a core part of your Bigrock Development Partnership.

Our partner clients draw great value from their environments. Ascent Learn acts as the central hub for their development journey.

Some screenshots from Ascent Learn

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