2018 update…As we get closer to leaving the European Union and politics continues to be dominated by Brexit, some things are now clearer but there is still much uncertainty for many businesses.

This article, written not long after the referendum, still offers businesses some helpful advice. As you plan and prepare for a new post-Brexit environment, try to maintain a positive mindset and look for the opportunities that Brexit may bring, for you and your clients. Remember… every challenge and disruption is an opportunity for someone. Make that someone you!  

So lets dive in to the 2016 post. As your read, consider how far your business strategy has changed since the referendum. Would you give yourself different advice if you could go back?  

Britain leaving the European Union will deliver significant changes for many businesses. For some, these changes will open opportunities. For others, Brexit may create new challenges.

Change looks certain. How you respond is up to you. Some industries may ride future changes with ease, for others their impact will be more significant.  If Brexit is likely to have a big impact on your business, it is important to maintain the right mindset.

In times of change, successful businesses don’t focus on the challenges but on the opportunities. If you are facing difficulties, it’s likely your competitors are too. The businesses that survive and thrive through change are those who tackle the challenge head on, who solve the problems, who find new ideas, who develop new ways to market, who seek out the positive.

In times of change, those with the right mindset can;

  • Steal a march over the competition! – Be confident about your proposition, assess the risks and put your best foot forward. Remember your competitors will be facing similar challenges. Now, being competitive, is about finding a better solution to these challenges and delighting your clients and customers. If you can maintain or even improve market share in times of change, you will be able to reach new heights when markets improve.
  • Discover new ideas, solutions and products! – It is harder to win new business and succeed in a challenging market. However, your clients and customers may also be facing challenges. Can you solve their problems for them? Can you develop a service or product that meets their changing needs? If you can help a client in difficult times, they will stick with you in the good times.
  • Enter new markets and find new clients! If your existing market becomes difficult, consider other options. Can your current products and services be adapted for another market? Can your people’s skills be put to another use? Are there others out there who you could do business with?

Will your business be affected by Brexit? Do you have an ‘opportunity mindset’? What is your strategy for surviving and thriving through change? Bigrock can help you prepare for and manage changes in your business and market.

If you would like to discuss your change strategy and how to create the right change mindset in your organisation email enquiries@bigrockhq.com to arrange a free consultation meeting today.