It’s no secret that sitting down for most of the day isn’t particularly good for our health. Whilst Bigrock’s facilitators and coaches spend most days on their feet bringing our events to life, the designers, project managers and digital experts back at Bigrock HQ spend more time behind a desk.

Increased movement and physical activity has been proven, not only to improve our day to day health and life expectancy, but also to inspire creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Inspired by recent articles in the press regarding the need for better workplace health, earlier this month Bigrock launched our Fit For Business initiative. This project, driven by Kathryn Robinson (Bigrock Content Designer), is designed to give our internal team, consultants and other visitors to Bigrock HQ the opportunity to get up, get moving and get fit.

Like many other smaller offices, we don’t have the luxury of an onsite gym, so we had to think a little outside the box.

The project has seen us bring in a Wii Fit and invest in some fitness equipment, including dumbbells, yoga mats and fitness cards that describe different exercises we can try. We now aim to take break 2-3 times a week to complete some exercises, in a fun and varied exercise programme.

Not only is this good for our health, it also adds to the fun of the Bigrock environment.

In setting up our internal Fit for Business initiative, we asked the whole team;


  • What exercises they would enjoy and feel comfortable doing in the office.
  • What options might be feasible at our location (we don’t have a gym or shower on site).
  • What would fit with our Bigrock culture.
  • What could be incorporated in to our daily routine, without impacting on our clients.

In this way, we ensured we offered options that worked for us as team and invested in equipment that met everyone’s needs.

In the end, we agreed on and incorporated the following in to our Fit for Business initiative;

  • Low impact exercises that use your own body weight – We grab the yoga mats and try a series of exercises including crunches, planks, Russian twists, etc.
  • Resisted circuits (with our new dumbbells) – Focusing mainly on leg and arm muscles, exercises include squats, bicep curls, etc.
  • The Nintendo Wii Fit – The Wii adds an extra element of competition and fun, as we all have our own avatars. With balance, stretching and aerobic games, from skiing to football, there is lots to choose from.
  • A short walk – We are lucky enough to be surrounded by countryside footpaths and scenery. In these lovely summer days, we encourage each other to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Whilst it has been a challenge some weeks to find a spare 20 minutes, we have found that the experience has brought us together as a team.

We’re open to suggestions and recommendations. If there is anything you’ve tried in your workplace, that you believe we could implement too, we’d love to share ideas.