The DANCE Model for Implementing Change

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Sales Management Excellence – DANCE Model

As a Sales Manager, managing performance is partly about analysing what is happening, and why it is happening, be that success or failure. It is also about making decisions and deciding on and implementing change.

The DANCE model summarises how you should implement change.

Decide – First you need to make a decision. Use your data sources. Consider the root cause, think about priorities and where the best return on your time and development resource may be achieved. Then decide what should be done.

Act – You then need to act. Be clear and emphatic in your actions and communications. Remember, a crucial factor in getting actions to be adopted is clarity. It’s your responsibility to check everyone is clear and understands the required action. Then get the required action implemented.

Notice – Ensure you notice how things are going! Is the implemented change or new behaviour working? Is it successful? Has it delivered the desired results… or not? If yes… great, continue to encourage your team in their application until new habits are embedded. If no… consider what to change.

Change – This is a crucial part of the DANCE model. If change is not working… pivot, adapt, flex and change again.  In effect this means going back to Decide, then Act again, Notice again and if necessary Change again.

Excellence – Finally the virtue of the DANCE is that the ‘E’ stands for constantly striving for Excellence.

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