Telephone Customer Service

With every interaction, Customer Service professionals have the opportunity to delight customers.

Our Telephone Customer Services App provides contact centre professionals with a pocket guide to delivering a fantastic customer experience with every call.

The App

Through key pointers, lists, diagrams and videos, the app provides a clear and concise guide for those looking to learn telephone customer service skills on the go.


  • The purpose and role of a Telephone Customer Service professional.
  • How to approach trying to understand customers.
  • The importance of delivering great customer service.
  • How to prepare thoroughly for any customer service interaction.
  • The importance of collecting and storing accurate customer records.
  • The importance of a clear and concise value proposition.
  • The process of engaging, eliciting and executing to ensure you understand your customer and provide solutions that meet their needs.
  • How to use your voice and best practice communications skills for the telephone.
  • How mindset can be the difference between failing or succeeding.

The Telephone Customer Service App is the ultimate guide for customer service professionals wanting to develop their skills.

Other features include

Top Tips

Refresh your memory on top tips and techniques

In a Nutshell

The App ‘in a nutshell’ –  read a short summary of key points

Use the App to…




… your customer service knowledge & skills!

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Some screenshots from the App

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