Do you listen to the radio or podcasts? Does their message stay with you throughout your day? Can you remember and apply what you’ve listened to? If so, you may be an auditory learner.

Around 20% of the population favour an auditory learning style. Others may also benefit from auditory resources to reinforce their learning, particularly after ‘classroom’ style training.  As such, podcasts and audio books can be a highly valuable tool for professional development. Whether you give a podcast your full attention or listen while completing other tasks, it can be a highly efficient way to quickly gain new knowledge or revise and refresh previous learning.

Our partners Ashridge Business School supply a number of short Audio Files to enable workplace learners to engage with new ideas and reinforce their learning.  Topics covered in their extensive Virtual Ashridge library include Innovation, Leadership, Managing People, Marketing, Operations Management, and Business Strategy.

Ashridge have kindly agreed to let us share one of their top rated Audio Files, a book review of ‘Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement without Giving in’ by Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton.

Click the play button below for a 16 minute insight into this bestselling business classic, perfect for anyone looking to improve their negotiating style…

Resources from Virtual Ashridge, including their audiobooks and podcasts, are used within all our digitial and software solutions to support employees’ learning. We select the material, from across Virtual Ashridge and our own libraries, most relevant to your business and development objectives.