To coincide with the launch of our new website, our designers have created a new look, a new design identity, for Bigrock. This new design blends clear block colours and a diamond inspired, low poly look, with fresh clean lines.

The clean lines and energy of the design aim to reflect our drive for excellence and outstanding results, whilst the contrast between block colour and diamond triangles reflects our blend of experience and innovation, of professionalism and creativity, of face-to-face and digital learning.

This design, now featured on our website and social media pages, will gradually be rolled out on all our templates and learning materials, to create a complete delegate experience.

Variations of the low poly and block colour triangle design will be incorporated in to our proposals and pre-course communications, our slide decks and course guides, our embedding materials and digital learning. We hope this will help make Bigrock documents immediately identifiable, whilst giving our designers the flexibility to create unique and inspiring learning materials. The design will help learners move seamlessly from one medium to another; from our course guides to our digital learning materials to our mobile apps.

These designs have been inspired by our values; most especially our goals to seek out innovation, drive client delight and achieve outstanding results for our clients. Our values are important to us. They are the heart of our company culture, the bedrock of all our processes and a guide to how we do things. In our cultural development and sales programmes, we coach the importance of living by your values. We aim to practice what we preach. Learn more about our vision and values here.