OX Core

Embed best practice competency frameworks using our capability management system

OX Core enables organisations to define the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to succeed in a particular role. Employees’ capabilities are mapped against best practice standards and a development pathway created to ensure they succeed.


With many organisations the biggest barrier to increased commercial effectiveness is not a lack of talent or ability; it is a lack of clarity around what best practice is, a lack of understanding around what each individual should do to improve and a lack of practical support in developing capability.

OX Core captures the key competencies, skills, knowledge and behaviours required to ensure sustainable success within a specific role. Standards of performance excellence are defined, ensuring absolute certainty of requirements.

Employees can then identify where their strengths lie within these frameworks and where they need to develop their skills further. Individuals are then directed to development solutions that will help them improve in their weaker areas. Meanwhile, Managers and Leaders can track individual, team and organisational capability and progress.

Plan for success


  • Create role specific capability frameworks tailored to the skills, knowledge and behaviours important to your organisation and specific roles.
  • Define and capture what constitutes excellence in each role.
  • Create multiple frameworks per role to stretch those with different levels of experience and expertise.

Develop Capability


  • Employees map their skills and competencies against their role framework, before uploading evidence to prove their capability in specific areas or ‘modules’.
  • Managers approve or reject evidence uploaded by their team members for each module.
  • Each module links through to additional learning materials and development tools to help employees develop their capability.

Manage Progress


  • Managers can view employees’ frameworks to manage objectives and drive development.
  • Leaders can motivate employees by providing clear career objectives and a means to document their achievements.
  • Progress with 121 development meetings, observations and coaching sessions can be linked to specific modules and tracked on OX Core.

Analyse & Report


  • Leaders & managers can view the talent and capabilities within their organisation at a glance.
  • Powerful reporting dashboards & metrics show capability gaps and training needs.
  • Use learning and evidence tools to manage employees up or, if necessary, out of the business.
  • With intelligent reporting, identify rising stars in your business and future successors to senior roles.

With the OX Core capability management system organisations can…

Set out best practice standards for each and every job role…

… with role specific capability frameworks.

Develop people towards these best practice standards…

… with learning and development modules for each core competency.

See where your strengths lie, where further support is needed and where progress is being made…

… with individual, team and organisational level reporting tools.

Case Study

Defining Best Practice, Mapping Capability and Developing People within AXA

AXA were delighted with the way OX Core supported both their change programme and ongoing people management. AXA used OX Core’s evidence, reporting and learning functionalities to help manage people up to required standards or, if this was not possible, manage them out of the organisation. AXA calculated that OX Core sped up the performance management process by 3-4 months per person, which resulted in a quantified annual bottom line profit increase of £1.05 million in a 100-person division.

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