Bigrock share some pitching tips from our Pitch Excellence App.

What should you think about when preparing a pitch?

Every time you prepare a pitch, ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Who are the audience?
  3. What are the audience looking for?
  4. Which points are key to my message?
  5. What’s my Optimum Desired Outcome (ODO)?

Thinking about these questions and your Optimum Desired Outcomes will help you create a clear, client focused pitch.

So what do we mean by an Optimum Desired Outcome?

In simple terms….What do you want the audience to be thinking and saying about you and your pitch after you have finished?

Before any pitch, begin by thinking about what your ODOs are (keep it realistic!).

For example:

“They were incredibly professional”

“They really understood our market”

“They showed a deep understanding of our needs as a potential customer”

Once you have thought this through, you can reverse engineer your pitch around these desired outcomes. You can ensure that these hotspot areas are covered as priorities in your pitch.

With ODO thinking you can prove to your client that you understand the market and their business needs. That you understand what is important to them and that you have thought about their needs and goals.

ODO thinking maximises your chance of success, of achieving your ODO… winning the pitch!

ODO Thinking will be familiar to many people who have attended a Bigrock course as it’s a technique we recommend not only for pitching, but for any meeting or client conversation.

Bigrock MD Chris Larkin explains more in this short video from the Pitch Excellence App:

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