Presentation Skills Self-Learning Guide


Explore best practice approaches for planning and delivering impactful presentations with the Presentation Skills Self-Learning Guide.

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Presentation Skills Self-Learning Guide

A detailed guide to preparing and delivering excellent presentations.

The Presentation Skills Self-Learning Guide is perfect for anyone looking to deliver more impactful presentations and present with greater confidence.

The aim of the guide is to enhance your proficiency at planning and delivering presentations. Core areas of focus are:

  • The why, who & what?
  • Presentation preparation
  • The ideal presentation structure
  • The skills involved in presenting
  • Presenting aids
  • Top tips for presenting

The Presentation Skills Self-Learning Guide includes detailed descriptions and explanations of best practice models and theories, along with areas where you can make notes, record your thoughts, plan your approach and have a go at activities.

Please note this is a resource in Coachical.

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The Self-Learning Guide is an A4 paper size (210 x 297mm) ring-bound book.



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