Our Values, Vision & Mission

At Bigrock, we believe that true sustained success comes from optimising the most important aspect of your organisation: your people.

As Stephen Covey taught, in order to have any chance of filling the jar, of getting the little things right, you have to put the big rocks in first!

Everything that we do is based on the following core values


Client delight is paramount – and everything we do should drive it.


Results are critical.


Respect for the individual – do unto others …


Celebrate team wins – and learn from our mistakes.


Innovation – seek it out always.


Communicate clearly and truthfully.


Enjoy it!

Our Vision

Our vision is “To enable any organisation, anywhere in the world, to dramatically improve results by optimising the excellence of its people.”

Our Mission

We are dedicated to optimising the excellence of our clients’ people through bespoke and tailored consultancy and software solutions. We train, develop and embed the knowledge, skills and processes that will enable your employees to become the best at what they do. This, and only this, drives long lasting success.