Management Excellence; how to inspire, coach and manage high performing teams

The most successful managers understand their role as leader, mentor and coach to their team. Great managers are catalysts for change and play a crucial role in their team’s development and success.

Our Management Excellence courses give managers the people management and coaching tools to develop their teams and optimise performance.

Bespoke Management Programmes

Customised Management Training

 Designed bespoke for your organisation’s people managers

We design bespoke programmes to meet your business’ specific requirements and achieve your objectives.
Management Excellence can be tailored for;

  • Sales team managers
  • Branch managers
  • Regional & area managers
  • Sales directors
  • New & experienced managers

We have coached managers at every stage of their career. The content, style and focus of each of your management courses would be designed to reflect the specialisms, responsibilities and experience of your managers.

In some of our most successful Management Programmes learners have explored:

Managing Performance

Clarity of intent & ODO thinking

Managing the business cycle

Developing a culture of excellence

Developing a winning mentality

Root cause analysis & selecting the right development

My 90 day action plan

Developing People

Develop your team with Bigrock’s ‘Cord of Three’ Management Essentials:

1. 1:2:1sHow to conduct engaging, motivational and inspiring 1:2:1 meetings.

2. Focus – Monitor – Feedback – How to set up live observations, monitor objectively and deliver effective debriefs and feedback.

3. CoachingHow to help close any skills development gaps through directive and coactive coaching.

In the majority of cases, we recommend a 2 or 3 day workshop, followed by a 1-day Embedding & Elevation event.

We also suggest that managers are encouraged to explore key principles and models, before their workshops, via our digital learning tools.  Then when managers join us in the training room, the focus can be on practising key skills and sharing expertise and experiences. Digital learning is also there to support managers as they apply and embed new approaches in role after their workshop.

2 Day
Our 2 day Management Excellence course focuses on our ‘Cord of Three’ Management Essentials and how to develop and manage your team’s performance. This course is ideal for team managers whose team are attending one of our Sales, Business Development or Key Account Management courses.
3 Day
Our 3 day Management Excellence course explores how to develop, manage and lead high performing teams in more detail. In addition to the content outlined above, we can also introduce Managers to some of our insights into creating and leading a high performance culture.
“The BEST conference I have been to! I came back with a toolbox and a new way to approach almost every situation. Truly life changing! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and providing the tools to move forward.”  Sales Director, global commercial real estate company.
“Bigrock were outstanding.  They kept the group engaged throughout the entire program.  The collaboration of the group added tremendous value to the learning.  I loved all the role playing.  It was very effective.”  Sales Director, global commercial real estate company.
“I thought the trainers from Bigrock were outstanding. I was so impressed with the level of understanding they had of our business, particularly Sales Management, and how they incorporated it in our training.”  – Sales Director, global commercial real estate company.
“Has sparked a fire in me to be a better coach and manager”  – Area Manager, Wesleyan Assurance Society.
“I just wish I would have had this 4 years ago when I first became an Area Manager” –  Area Manager, Wesleyan Assurance Society.

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