Bigrock Leadership Development programmes are designed bespoke for your organisation

We design and deliver programmes for:

  • Leadership & Executive teams
  • Leaders introducing or implementing change
  • New leaders, senior managers and team leaders
  • Experienced leaders who have had little or no formal management training
  • CEOs, MDs, Directors, Business Owners and Heads of Departments
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Leadership Programmes

Our Leadership Development programmes are designed bespoke to meet your needs and requirements.

We can either work with leaders to help them optimise business strategy or develop their skills and processes.

Leadership Skills Programmes

We can help leaders to develop their skills and processes for developing others and creating a culture of excellence in their business.

Typically, Leaders might explore…

My role as a leader; as a visionary, storyteller, servant and agent of change.

Do I have a clear vision for the future of the business? How will the business achieve (greater) success?

How will I articulate this vision to the business? How will I tell my story?

People drive success. How can I serve our people to help them serve our customers?

How can I be an agent for change, inspire others and create new social norms?

How do I bring out the best in others?

How can I influence those around me in other leadership roles?

What have I learnt in my years in business? How can I apply this in my leadership role?

Leadership Strategy & Business Growth Programmes

We can help leaders explore their vision for the future, how to manage change, develop their strategy and optimise their business.

Typically, Leaders might explore…

How do we want to change and grow our business?

What challenges do we face?

What opportunities can we identify?

What is our business strategy?

How are we going to implement this strategy?

Do we have the right mindset for change?

Do we have the right structure in place for growth?

Do we have the right skillsets in place to grasp opportunities and realise success?

How can we share the responsibility for making this happen?

Who amongst us is taking ownership for each element and stage?

What are our immediate actions? How can we make sure change happens?

Our Consultants take a practical and pragmatic approach to leadership development. We ask leaders to appraise their approach, agree what constitutes excellence and how they can optimise performance at an individual, team and organisation wide level.

We can work with a particular executive team or with leaders with similar development needs and challenges from across your business. Your programme can be structured to work with your leaders’ busy schedules.

Leadership programmes can be delivered as a 1 or 2 day event, as a series of workshops or as group coaching sessions.

Client Story

“As I had no previous preparation for a leadership role, or any formal management training, I asked our L&D team to provide some 1:1 support, and they suggested Bigrock. Bigrock designed and implemented a crash leadership training course for me, to bring me up to date with a wide range of modern management techniques that have proved invaluable as I have settled in to my new role. While life as a CEO can be isolated, my Bigrock coach brought a combination of humour, challenge, and a subtle kind of sympathy for the hard decisions that I needed to make. His materials were first class, and always bought a new slant to the timeless sorts of issues that are found in Financial Services companies today.”  

Co-Chief Executive, Smith & Williamson

Client Story

“Thank you for a really helpful, stimulating and enjoyable set of sessions over the past few months. I appreciate it might have been somewhat outside the norm but I can assure you it has benefited me hugely and I look forward to acting on the below points over the coming weeks and beyond. When asked, I can confidently say that our two firms should be working together in future and I am sure I will see you around here again. Thanks for all your help.”

Investment Manager, Global Wealth Management Company.

Client Story

“You have been a “rock” for me during these times. Your ability to listen to truly hear what is being said by each stakeholder, garners trust. You take that trust and offer clarity and options for organizational actions like a “rock” star!! You make it look easy but I know it is not!!”

L&D Manager, Global Wealth Management Company

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