Executive Coaching 

Why Executive Coaching is so Powerful…

Individual coaching is probably the single most impactful form of development that we do. It is totally focused and dedicated to the success of the individual, and as a consequence, it is not just highly valued, but also hugely effective. There is also a real purity to it – the mutual contract between Coach and Coachee is simple and straightforward, ‘what can we do, working with you in a wholly confidential manner, to make you more successful?

The majority of the people we coach are within the organisational C:Suite, Senior Leadership roles or undertaking pivotal roles that convey significant demands where success is crucial.

One of our core focuses here at Bigrock, is helping create HIGH PERFORMANCE…

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Our approach to Executive Coaching…

All great coaches will take time to explore, test and understand your goals. They will investigate barriers, help to create clarity around your strengths and areas for change and improvement, helping you form a pathway to follow with additional practical elements to fulfill along the way. Ultimatly, enhancing your success, and we are no different!

Our coaching ethos at Bigrock is also deeply underpinned by pragmatism and everyday applicability.

Our MD and Founder Chris Larkin, has extensive experience of organisational transformation, working alongside and within the most senior leadership teams to drive organisational change and increase success. At Bigrock we are also deeply experienced in creating team and cultural excellence and have a core specialisation in the areas of sales, business development and client experience… All of this knowledge and experience is integrated in our approach to coaching.

Whilst it is some coaches passionate belief that the answer lies within you… somewhere! We believe in the approach that is so valued in the field of scientific endeavour… Stand on the shoulders of Giants. If there is learning that exists and has been proven to be effective elsewhere, then use this, access this body of understanding and apply it to help accelerate your own learning and success.

For this reason, we are not afraid to move from coaching in it’s purest form into mentoring, challenging, informing and helping to guide. Our coaching clients tell us that this is amongst the most valued part of what we have to offer. In their busy and demanding lives, it provides a wonderfully valuable experience, and delivers significant personal advancement; always directly applicable, and often in a much-accelerated way.

Boat Based Executive Coaching

As perhaps a unique offering, Bigrock and some of our coaching clients have found incredible benefit to conducting at least one coaching session completely away from the normal distractions of work.

…and by completely away from work distractions, we mean literally going out to sea…

Chris Larkin, our MD, is a fully qualified boat skipper in addition to being our most in demand Coach.

Chris explains…

“There is something quite freeing about setting out across the Solent, mooring up somewhere peaceful yet inspiring, like Newtown Creek, on the Isle of Wight, and allowing ourselves to explore the challenges and issues at hand with a completely different mindset. Frequently, clients and I have uncovered solutions in the course of a half-day or even full-day that may not have arisen through multiple traditional coaching sessions.”

Why not consider a boat based executive coaching session for yourself or a colleague. Many CEO’s, CDO’s, MD’s and others have come back with a new perspective on what will help them, and their business break through to higher performance.

We have a range of boats to choose from…


 Our approach to Executive Coaching is also extremely flexible in nature.

Most of our clients will embark upon a series of 6 x 120 min sessions.

However, once into the coaching relationship, we flex to meet and suit the needs of each client. The large majority will stick with these sessions, however some prefer a more flexible and agile approach by having 90 minute sessions and having the ability of the additional 30 mins broken into smaller chunks: i.e. a half-hour touch point, a refresh session, a call to talk through a challenge for 15 mins, or just a 5 min exchange prior to a critical meeting via WhatsApp.

The approach is always what helps you best to achieve the changes we agree;

What helps you achieve greater success!

Accelerated Executive Learning

We regularly find that some of the most successful Leaders we work with have little in the way of formal Leadership training and education. Many of our clients find great value when we introduce them to Leadership learning and models that can be applied by them in their own situation. Some have even described it as having the best and most pertinent points from two years at Business School, distilled down and provided to you in a bespoke way.

The real proof of what we do lies in the results that our Coaching Clients achieve, how they feel and what they can progress to do.

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Organisational Leadership Teams – Being ‘The Company Coach’

Increasingly, we find ourselves not only coaching individual leaders, but being asked to work as ‘The Company Coach’ to an entire organisational Leadership team.

We work with them in Leadership off-sites to define and determine strategy and organisational transformation and create a programme that turns ideas into embedded and lasting change in the business. This is supported along the way by individual and collective coaching to help each Leader optimise their own contributions and capabilities.


 We have coached many individuals and Leaders from across Europe, America, the UK and Asia Pacific either face-to-face or by virtual means.

We passionately believe that if you are open to trying to change, grow, get more from yourself and from your organisation, then a Bigrock Executive and Leadership Coaching programme will help.

Please see below a sample of the testimony from some of our coaching clients:

Client Testimony

“In our Coaching Sessions, Chris gave me clearly defined management tools, helped me implement a senior management restructure and realign the underperforming senior managers’ areas of responsibility. He helped me understand the gravitas of the growth aspirations and gave me the confidence to share my vision for business growth with staff at all levels. He also helped me improve my managerial and leadership style and gain the overall confidence to exert these up and down the line. The impact of the above, has enabled me to focus on the priorities, meet and exceed targets – and assist the long term stability of the revenue growth of my service line. It has also ensured that the team have been well communicated to – which has helped raise overall staff performance levels, morale and retention of the best staff.”

R.W. – London, UK

Client Testimony

“Wow is all I have to say – you were spot on with so many of your points. I am still amazed at how quickly you were able to assess the situation, and me.”  

K.H. – Los Angeles, US

Client Testimony

“I can’t say enough about my coaching sessions with Chris. He definitely enabled me to first see myself as a leader and then pushed me to follow through with the actions necessary to change the perception of others. He challenged me to think and do things in a different way, typically using a simple model to follow.”

D.B. – Seattle, US

Client Testimonial

“I’ve been working with my Bigrock Coach for 3 years now both 1-2-1 and with his wider team. Our coaching includes a good mix of personal development and practical tools and tips useful for my role. I’ve found myself using the tools, phrases and methodology my Coach recommends when leading my teams. This is beneficial for all concerned and many have commented on the difference they have seen in me as a leader. By working with my Coach I have been much more likely to make fundamental changes to the way I approach situations, individuals and my personal growth.”

C.D. – Skipton, UK

Client Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about my coaching sessions with Chris [Bigrock MD and Leadership Coach]. He definitely enabled me to first see myself as a leader and then pushed me to follow through with the actions necessary to change the perception of others. He challenged me to think and do things in a different way, typically using a simple model to follow. Even though I was apprehensive to try some of them and thought I would get a terrible result, most techniques were received without pushback and even returned favorable results.

I was able to share things with Chris that I did not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else, and that was invaluable for me. Chris is a great listener and he really tailored his coaching so it aligned with my professional and personal goals while letting me maintain my own style. His coaching definitely improved my confidence and allowed me to elevate myself to a new level in my career.”

S.M. – London, UK

Client Story

“My Bigrock coach’s thoughtful insights on my work provided me with actionable solutions that had an immediate and profound impact on my career. He guided me to realizations and helped me make changes that on my own would have taken years (if ever) in a matter of months. If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend it.”

J.R. – Florida, US

Client Testimonial

Richard Williams
Managing Director – Asset Services

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