Delivery: Consultancy, Training & Coaching to Optimise Performance 

Exploring concepts and ideas

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Learning new skills, processes and techniques

“The combination of educational sessions and practical exercises is brilliant and kept us all involved and entertained. Facilitator has been first class – not only is he engaging, his experience and guidance helped me enormously.”

Private Banker, Barclays

In delivery, our Consultants work with you to inspire and motivate your people and give them the impetus and understanding to embrace and implement change.

We deliver change through....

Consultancy & facilitative learning experiences

Leaders’ events & Executive Coaching

Manager and team training

1-2-1 coaching

Away days & conferences

Masterclasses & webinars

High impact launch events

Gamified learning events

Digital, web & mobile learning

Our clients see the best results when we work with Leaders, Managers and Team Members to optimise culture, capability and behaviours across the organisation.
Supporting Leaders
Leaders play a crucial role in the embedding of any development programme, but particularly in cultural change initiatives. It is important that senior leaders are seen to support, drive forward and live the key principles of any change programme.  Leaders set the social norm for excellence. We often begin programmes with a Leadership Excellence event where we explore;

  • Your organisation’s Vision and Values – Your ‘WHY’.
  • The aims, objectives and expected ROIs of the development programme.
  • What we mean by high performance and a high performing culture.
  • The leader’s role in optimising performance and embedding new principles.
  • Best practice in leading & developing high performing teams.
  • We also offer leaders Executive Coaching and 1 on 1 support throughout the programme, plus the opportunity to share ideas and explore challenges through online learning.
Developing Managers
Managers are the driving force behind successful teams, particularly in times of change. An effective manager focuses on developing their people, recognising this as the best way to drive success. They ensure their team have the capabilities and drive to increase business outcomes. We enhance the capability of managers as development coaches, high performance managers and team motivators. We focus on:

  • 1:2:1s: How to conduct engaging, motivational and inspiring 1:2:1 meetings using GROW 3.
  • Focus – Monitor – Feedback: How to conduct live observations and give motivational feedback.
  • Coaching – How to deliver directive and non-directive coaching to teams and individuals.
  • Root Cause Analysis – How to identify the root cause of a performance or training need…
  • Development selection – …and select the right development solution.

We typically recommend a 2-3 day managers event, ahead of team development. Managers then attend the wider training courses alongside their teams. We continue to work with managers, providing digital learning, coaching and 1 on 1 support, throughout delivery and embedding.

Training Teams
When training teams, we focus on the belief, style and substance needed to deliver an outstanding client experience and the best commercial outcomes. We help team members understand and believe in the value they add to customers, strengthening their ability to articulate their Value Proposition and, as a result, the quality of their customer conversations. Team development can focus on Sales, Business Development, Key Account Management, Pitching, PresentationNegotiation, Communication, Influencing, Customer Service, etc. We can also help teams adjust to mergers or acquisitions, implement new standards or behaviours, prepare for industry or regulatory changes or adapt to new markets.

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