Consultative Sales & Telesales Excellence


Consultative Sales Training

Designed bespoke for telephony sales & face-to-face sales teams

Consultative Sales: needs-based selling focused on the Customer Experience.

We coach consultative selling processes and techniques for effective sales meetings and calls.

Delegates explore how to engage with clients and customers, how to elicit a deep understanding of their needs and objectives and how to execute the sale.

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ODO™ planning – identify your optimum desired outcomes and that of your customer.

Gain customer buy-in for yourself and your approach.

Introduce yourself with a Value Proposition

Engage with true clarity of intent.


Achieve a deeper understanding of the customer’s current and future situation.

Identify and explore need areas.

Gain agreement and strong commitment to act.


Present solutions, recommendations and ideas to the customer.

Maximise the customer’s commitment to take action.

Handle objections and close the sale.

Motivate customer to act now.

Gain referrals.

In the majority of cases, we recommend a 2 or 3 day course, followed by an Embedding & Elevation event.

Ahead of the course, we invite sales professionals to explore key sales processes using the videos, topic guides and memory aids hosted on our digital learning environment. In the training room, we can then focus on group discussions, challenges and practice.

In telephony sales environments courses can be divided into ½ day modules to work with your shift patterns and call requirements.

2 Day / 4 Modules
Our 2 day (or 4 module) sales courses are fast-paced and dynamic; covering the Engage-Elicit-Execute techniques from constructing and presenting a Value Proposition through to closing a sale and gaining referrals. We also touch on key skills like questioning and listening techniques, objection handling and influencing.
3 Day / 6 Modules
Our 3 day (or 6 module) sales courses allow more time for discussion, demonstrations and practical exercises that help build delegates’ confidence and capability. We cover the Engage-Elicit-Execute process in greater depth and delegates spend more time practicing key skills and techniques. A 3 day or 6 module course is especially recommended for organisations looking to introduce a new sales process or who are introducing consultative techniques for the first time.
Sales Workshop Learner Feedback – Hanover Search Group.

Bigrock Sales Excellence Courses are specifically designed to match;

  • Your needs and objectives
  • Your sales environment
  • Your market, customers and proposition
  • Your sales people’s capability levels, supporting the least confident and stretching the most experienced.

Sales Excellence is suitable for;

  • B2B, B2C & intermediary sales teams
  • Telephony, call centre, contact centre & direct sales teams
  • Face-to-face, regional and branch sales teams
  • Regulated sales professionals

“Aviva should lock you in a glass box so you can never leave, as you are the best person I have ever spoken to on a sales call. I’m impressed on how well I know the insurance …& now feel I am in the right place for our health insurance needs.” – Customer Feedback, Aviva.

“I am even surprising myself here!  I have really taken to this new way of doing things and have just booked another SFS [appointment]. I really thought I may struggle, as I am of a certain age, but am finding it refreshingly good.” – Adviser, Skipton Building Society.

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