Design: Designing the Very Best Solution

We use our findings from discovery to create a development programme that meets your specific needs and will help you achieve your objectives.
“It was great to attend a course where the content was relevant and could be put into practice straight away.”

Account Manager, Aegon

Every aspect of your programme, from the overarching themes to the specific learning aids and course plans, is designed to help transform your business.

There are 3 stages to design:

Conceptualise & Create

Identify areas in need of development

Agree overall vision, themes and key concepts

Map change pathway & key milestones

Create change journey

Design & Build

Design specific events and interventions

Create course plans

Design learning activities and plan practice scenarios

Create supporting learning materials

Design and build digital and mobile learning support

Prepare & Rehearse

Prepare learning experience

Brief, train and prepare all facilitators / trainers

Rehearse delivery, role plays and activities

Review & finalise programme

Share with key stakeholders

Our learning materials and content are chosen to optimise the chance of project success and learner delight.

Most programmes include a blend of face-to-face and digital learning – a hybrid solution!

Learning materials typically include;









… and more.

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