Manage and Achieve Success During Times of Change

Change can present great challenges for organisations, teams and individuals. Bigrock work with organisations who are looking to deliver an outstanding customer experience and achieve success whilst transforming their business.

Our experts can help you…

Adapt to a new regulatory framework
Launch a new service or step into a new market
With mergers, acquisitions and team integrations
With cultural and leadership changes

Transformation can require people, at all levels of an organisation, to:

Embrace a new mindset
Develop new skills
Implement new processes
Adapt existing processes
Learn from others
Work with different people
Step outside of their comfort zone
Think, act and behave differently

Our Approach

We work with you to map out, plan and implement your transformation journey.

We begin by helping you identify where you want to deliver change and where pockets of excellence exist that should be kept and spread across your organisation.

We explore how changes will affect people in different roles, different teams, different locations and at different levels within your organisation. We identify the specific support that leaders, managers and teams would find most valuable as they adapt to change and look to achieve success.

Drawing on strategic change models from gurus like Knoster, Lewin and Senge, we help you create an action plan, assign responsibilities and ensure everyone has the clarity, capability and inspiration to transform you business and succeed now and in the future.

Practically, what might this involve?

First, we encourage leadership teams to share their personal objectives for the transformation journey and the business’ wider future. It is so important that leaders are seen to believe in, promote and role model the change.

We can coach your leaders to communicate this vision in clear, concise messaging at both live events and through digital communications. We can help you create videos, interactive webpages and emails to communicate your vision and strategy for change to the wider business.

We then create opportunities for all those affected to explore change, get inspired and learn any new skills and processes they need to drive future success.

Opportunities could include organisation-wide and team events, practical workshops, digital learning tools, coaching, etc.

We can also provide interim managers to help ease the transition and offer extra support as teams overcome the pain of change.

We can support you at the start of your transformation journey, to set you up for success. Or we can be there at every stage, supporting your people, coaching new skills, driving change and measuring results.

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