Customer Service

Delivering a first-class Customer Experience

With every interaction, Customer Service teams have the opportunity to enhance your brand and deliver a fantastic customer experience.

Our Customer Service experts help teams develop the skills and processes to respond effectively to solve customer enquiries, whilst enhancing the overall customer experience.

Delegates explore how to build rapport with customers, understand their needs and priorities, deliver a solution and resolve their query.

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Bespoke Customer Service Programmes

Bespoke Training Programmes & Workshops

For Customer Service Teams

We design bespoke programmes to meet your business’ specific requirements and achieve your objectives.
Bigrock Customer Service Courses are specifically designed to match;

  • Your Customer Service environment
  • Your market, customers and proposition
  • Your customer communication methods, from calls to emails to online chat, etc.

Our Customer Service programme can be tailored for;

  • Call and contact centre teams
  • Customer Service teams in regulated industries
  • Teams caring for vulnerable customers
  • Customer Retention, Complaints and Resolutions teams
  • Support & Booking teams

In our Customer Service courses, we help agents develop their belief, their style and the substance of their customer conversations.


Developing the right Mindset: 

Belief in the role –  the importance of customer service to overall business success

Belief in yourselves –  developing confidence and capability

Belief in the difference you can make to customers and colleagues

Maintaining the right mindset after difficult conversations


Optimising Communication Style: 

Empathy & Tone

Questioning Skills

Listening Skills

Influencing Skills

Objection Handling


A consistent conversational structure:

Engage – build rapport, explain your role and gain customer buy-in.

Understand – understand the reason for their call, their needs and their greatest priority

Explain & Resolve –  explain your solution, execute it and resolve the customer’s problem.

In the majority of cases, we recommend a 2 or 3 day course, followed by an Embedding & Elevation event.

In contact centre environments, programmes can be divided into ½ day modules to work with your shift patterns and call requirements.

2 Day / 4 Modules
Our 2 day (or 4 module) customer service programmes are fast paced and dynamic, covering the key areas of agent belief and conversation structure. We then focus on the communication skills most relevant to your customer service environment.

3 Day / 6 Modules
Our 3 day (or 6 module) customer service programmes cover belief and mindset, style and skills, substance and conversation structure in depth. The programme is highly interactive, with time for discussion, exploration and practice included in each module.

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