Discovery: Understanding Your Needs & Objectives

Understanding your people and processes

Your strengths and challenges

Your vision and goals

“I really felt they understood MetLife and the depth of their knowledge and experience resonated throughout the course.”

Business Development Manager, MetLife

In discovery we look to gain a deep understanding of what it feels like to be part of the team, engage with customers and do business in your organisation.

This understanding enables us to design and deliver solutions that precisely meet your needs and resonate with your people and the challenges they face in their day to day roles.


In Discovery we ask;

What is your future vision? What will excellence look like in your organisation?

Where you are now? What results are you achieving? What challenges do you face?

What do your customers experience?

Do your people have the skills, knowledge and processes to succeed?

How can we help your people move forward and achieve excellence?

Discovery can include;


We conduct face-to-face, video call or telephone interviews with;

  • All key stakeholders and senior leaders
  • Managers & supervisors
  • At least 1 team member from each specialism and / or location
Where possible we observe;

  • Your business environment at each location
  • Your people processes
  • Your customer/ client experience (calls or meetings)
  • Your leadership & management processes

Observations can be overt or covert. Our discovery services include mystery shopping & client experience sampling.

Online Questionnaires
We ensure everyone involved has the opportunity to share their perspective and the challenges of their role in secure online surveys. We can set questions, distribute the questionnaire, collate responses and evaluate data for;

Capability surveys – Self evaluation

Capability frameworks – Self & Manager evaluation

Cultural perspectives – Viewpoints on values, proposition, processes and customer experience

Discovery enables us to create a development programme that;

  • meets your business needs
  • flexes for different roles, perspectives and capability levels
  • reflects your processes, culture and market
  • achieves your objectives
  • exceeds your expectations

The benefits of discovery are seen in the design, delivery and embedding of a programme fully attuned to your organisational needs.

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