Negotiation Skills

Negotiate with confidence to win mutually profitable deals

We coach negotiation techniques that drive increased sales whilst nurturing long-lasting, trustful relationships.

Bespoke Negotiation Courses

Bespoke Training Programmes & Workshops

for Businesses & Organisations

We design bespoke programmes to meet your business’ specific requirements and achieve your objectives.
Our Negotiation courses can be tailored for those with responsibility for:

  • Business Development and Sales
  • Brokering deals with providers and clients
  • Managing key relationships
  • Managing and coordinating projects, both external and internal.

Negotiation Skills courses typically cover;

Definitions of negotiation

How to establish maximum and minimum settlement points

How to avoid insult and achieve agreement

How to stay in the Zone of Potential Agreement

Preparing for negotiations

Powers, needs and fears

How, when and why to use a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

Navigating the negotiation process

Personality types

Projection vs empathy

Controlling negotiation temperatures

How to win and build the relationship

In the majority of cases we recommend a 1 day course, followed by an Embedding & Elevation event.  We also offer ½ day or ‘bite size’  Negotiation Skills workshops.

We also suggest that learners are encouraged to explore key principles and models, before their workshops, via our digital learning tools.  Then when learners join us in the training room, the focus can be on practising key skills and sharing expertise and experiences. Digital learning is also there to support learners as they apply and embed new approaches in role, after their workshop.

1 Day
Our 1 day Negotiation courses cover the key principles of negotiation. Delegates practice negotiation techniques in a range of scenarios, including selling, buying and agreeing a course of action.
Bitesize or 1/2 day
Our shorter, bitesize Negotiation courses are designed for those attending a SalesKey Account Management or Business Development course who want to understand how our techniques apply when negotiating.
“Some excellent tips on Objection Handling. I found the self-reflection on influencing styles and how to put them in context during client meetings very useful.” –  Financial Planner, Sanlam Private Investments.
“King of negotiations now, after a fantastic session provided by Paul Irvine from !” Apprentice, CBRE (via Twitter).
“Really interesting & useful. I find myself using the new skills in everyday work and home life.” –  Business Development Manager, Barnett Waddingham.

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