Discovery: Mystery Shopping & Covert Observations

Let us see your people in action

Assess levels of capability and performance

Live your Customer Experience

Our Consultants can pose as one of your customers to observe your people in action. We can undertake covert observations, calls or run mystery shops in your branches.

We then compare our experience as a customer with different branches, teams or regions to models of best practice, industry standards and regulatory requirements.

In observations, we look for...

Best practice skills and techniques

An effective Value Proposition

An effective and consistent sales process

A demonstrable understanding of the customer’s need

Industry, business area or technical knowledge

Capability levels

Regulatory compliance

An excellent customer experience

Covert observations, calls and mystery shops are undertaken by our consultants. They apply their specialist industry knowledge, sales expertise and years of experience with top performing organisations to their evaluation.

By using expert consultants we provide a much deeper level of analysis than a standard mystery shop.

Our findings, evaluation and subsequent recommendations are then presented in a detailed report.

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