Negotiation is a key business, sales and life skill.

Whether you’re looking to buy a car or close your next corporate sale, negotiation skills are vital. Yet many people find negotiating daunting.

The App

Through key pointers, lists, diagrams and videos the app provides a clear and concise guide to negotiation for those looking to learn on the go.


  • The parameters of negotiation, key settlement points and danger zones.
  • How to form your strategy and to prepare for negotiations.
  • ODO thinking.
  • The power, needs and fears table.
  • The value of a BATNA.
  • The negotiation process and the key negotiation stages from initial identification to agreement.
  • Different personality types and negotiation styles.
  • How to influence the other party and control the ‘negotiation temperature’; when to empathise and when to be more assertive.

Other features include

Top Tips

Refresh your memory on top tips and techniques


Calculate the profit and value behind your deals as you negotiate


Look back at past successes and see where you can improve

Use the App to…




… your Negotiations!

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Some screenshots from the App

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