Telephone Sales

Sales is key to business success. Telephone Sales is a highly efficient, scalable and effective way to sell, market and distribute products and services.

Our Telephone Sales Excellence App provides telesales people with a pocket guide to a well structured professional approach.

The App

Through key pointers, lists, diagrams and videos, the app provides a clear and concise guide for those looking to learn telephone sales skills on the go.


  • The purpose and role of a telesales professional.
  • What to think about when trying to understand customers.
  • How to prepare thoroughly for any telephone sales call.
  • The importance of collecting and storing accurate customer records.
  • The importance of a clear and concise value proposition.
  • The consultative telephone sales process of engaging, eliciting and executing to ensure you understand your customer and provide solutions that meet their needs.
  • How to use your voice and best practice communication techniques for the telephone.
  • Closing and asking for the business, as well as seeking out referrals.
  • Having a good strategy you can implement effectively.

With top content from leading business coaches, the Telephone Sales Excellence App is the ultimate guide for telesales people wanting to develop their skills.

Other features include

Top Tips

Refresh your memory on top tips and techniques

Call checklist

Use the checklist to help you prepare thoroughly


Review past calls and see where you can improve

Use the App to…




… your telephone sales knowledge & skills!

Download the App for Apple or Android

Some screenshots from the App

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