Negotiation Skills Self-Learning Guide


Explore best practice techniques for negotiating mutually beneficial deals.

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Negotiation Skills Self-Learning Guide

A detailed guide to best practice in negotiation.

The Negotiation Skills Self-Learning Guide is perfect for professionals who regularly negotiate with new and existing clients. Whilst the guide focuses on business negotiations, the same techniques can be applied to other negotiation scenarios.

The aim of the guide is to introduce you to best practice, proven approaches for securing the best deal, whilst building trustful relationships with your clients or customers.

Core areas of focus are:

  • What is negotiation?
  • How to establish maximum and minimum settlement points
  • How to avoid insult and achieve agreement
  • How to stay in the ‘zone of potential agreement’
  • Preparing for your negotiations
  • Power, Needs & Fears
  • How & why to use a BATNA
  • Navigating the negotiation process
  • Dealing with different personality types and choosing your style

The Negotiation Skills Self-Learning Guide includes detailed descriptions and explanations of best practice models and theories, along with areas where you can make notes, record your thoughts, plan your approach and have a go at activities.

Please note this is a resource in Coachical.

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The Self-Learning Guide is an A4 paper size (210 x 297mm) ring-bound book.



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