Step 2 – The New Organisational Benchmark: The People, Clients and Results.

One of the best ways to understand the balance that leaders try to create in their organisation is through the Employee Experience + Client Experience = Return on Experience equation. Every organisation should and indeed must focus on results, be that profit, growth or value. But where do those results come from? They come of course from your customers and their propensity to buy and return is a function of their experience of dealing with your organisation, the CX. We must of course ask how that CX is shaped and delivered, and clearly it is through the 7 P’s fo the marketing mix… product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning and people. And in turn, those 7 emanate from one of the 7…. PEOPLE. How your people perform is a result of their experience in your organisation, the EX. So to drive better results, the focus of Leadership should be on EX + CX to deliver RoX.

The Organisation Balance Equation

Has the balance of this equation in your business been knocked out by the Bolide impact? What has happened to your employees experience… And your clients own experience and expectations? How might this impact on your organisations results? Some of the best organisations seek to keep this equation in balance through the Success Model of Mindset, Process, Skillset and Culture.


The Success Model

What might you need to do to optimise these elements within the new environment?

Have you adequately given permission to your employees to act differently? To change their habits? Some clients are throwing some great questions at their employees:

  • What does holistic change look like – not just moving our meetings to virtual?
  • How can you and your team best grow in the new environment?
  • Can we take this opportunity to increase our personal and team health?
  • Do we have permission to ‘gaze’ to break video based days intensity?
  • Are we having enough fun?

They are also talking about the internal mindset. The fact that change that is forced upon us without any choice is hard to accept. That we can grieve for our previous working life and need time and opportunity to download this to get back to positive self-talk and then identify and bank the benefits of an enhanced way of working.

Permission to change habits
Internal Mental Mindset

Similarly, they are reviewing closely and in detail the physical working environment. For Bigrock this has led us to not only move office… but actually build our new office and co-creating with our colleagues to create the best physical space. From location and set up, to more natural surroundings, reduced distractions, increased out-side spaces, circadian lighting, biophilia and multi-location work.

Physical Environment
Many of our clients have also realised that old skills are no longer enough…or…that previous skills do not equip their teams for success in the new world. They are looking afresh at Skills and Processes to Manage, Lead, Sell, Pitch, Negotiate and Communicate.

Is there more you should review in your Organisation? Do you have the EX + CX = RoX equation in balance? When you have identified anything that needs to change, you’re ready to move to Step 3 which you can find in: The Bolide Effect Part Three: Bridging the Gap. Want to read on to The Bolide Effect Part Three: Bridging the Gap? Use the button to do so.