Achieving Success in a Global Market & an Inclusive Workplace 

Explore and build relationships across cultures and increase diversity and inclusion in your workplace

Explore how a greater awareness of different cultures and an increasingly diverse and inclusive workplace can deliver improved business results and greater commercial outcomes.

Set your team up for success in the global marketplace with our Working Across Cultures seminars and workshops. Learn more about different cultures and how to build rapport with those from different backgrounds and with very different life experiences. Our Working Across Cultures seminars can be tailored for multi-national teams looking to improve their communication and collaboration or for those looking to reach clients in new markets.

Make Diversity & Inclusion part of your growth strategy with our introductory sessions and consultancy support. The latest research shows that the most diverse organisations are more likely to lead on financial performance too.  As evidenced in McKinsey’s ‘Delivery through Diversity’ 2018 report, companies with the greatest gender diversity in senior leadership are 21% more likely to outperform their least gender-diverse competitors on profitability. Likewise, the most ethnic / culturally diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to be from the most profitable firms.

Work with our experts to explore how Diversity & Inclusion can enhance your firm’s creativity, innovation and growth. Create and implement a D&I programme that will set your business up for future success. 

Workshops & Seminars can be tailored for;

  • C-Suite Leaders & Senior Executives
  • New & future Leaders
  • Teams looking to enter new markets
  • Multi-cultural and highly diverse teams
  • HR professionals and D&I trailblazers

Working Across Cultures

Become an organisation that truly “thinks local, acts global”.  We help team members discover their own cultural filters and biases and explore how to overcome these to work effectively across cultures.

Typically, attendees might explore:

Their own subconscious biases and the cultural iceberg.

Adjustments they can make to connect and form strong relationships with people from other cultures.

Share their experiences of working in different cultures and discuss challenges.

Key historical and cultural events that drive different cultures and different global behaviours.

Specific nuances of different cultures – we can provide insights to specific markets or cultures that you interact with.

Interactive online tools that provide specific strategies for working in different cultures.

How to put these strategies into practice to build relationships in the global marketplace.

Diversity & Inclusion

Explore how you can build a more diverse and inclusive culture in your workplace. 

Typically, attendees might explore:

How to demonstrate the commercial case for a diverse and inclusive workplace. How can diversity drive greater commercial results and be a source of competitive advantage?

How can a lack of diversity limit decision making, innovation and your firm’s potential? 

How a more diverse team can drive a greater awareness of the diverse global marketplace and help improve product development, marketing, sales and the overall customer experience. 

How can we identify and overcome our unconscious biases and move outside of our comfort zones in order to make our firm more inclusive to those from different backgrounds, with different experiences?

What can we do to widen our talent pool? Can we flex our policies and practices to attract previously untapped talent pools?

How do we ensure we attract and retain diverse talent at all levels of our organisation? How do we ensure the most talented progress in our organisation?

These topics can be explored as a series of 2-hour seminars, as 1/2-day masterclasses or as full-day events. Our consultants can also work with you to help create or refine your D&I scheme and implement this across your business. 

Seminars & Masterclasses
Short and intensive 2-hour seminars are a great way to introduce some of these topics to your workplace. Seminars can be delivered as part of a broader event or programme. Alternatively some clients choose to offer seminars over lunch or as part of broader workplace training or diversity initiatives.
Workshops & Events

Workshops and events enable our Business Psychologists to explore these topics in more depth with your attendees.  Sessions are highly interactive with attendee-driven discussion and exploration a key part of each workshop.

Consultancy to help Create and Implement a D&I Scheme

Alternatively, our D&I experts can work alongside you to help create and implement your D&I scheme. Our consultants can flex to offer whatever level of support you need, from simply offering recommendations on an existing scheme to helping your create a new policy from scratch. Our consultants can help your bring all the relevant people together from across your organisation to create and implement a scheme that works for your business, enhances your organisational culture and delivers real commercial advantage. 

Contact Bigrock to learn more about our workshops, seminars and consultancy support.