Mindfulness, Resilience & Self-Awareness

Team Workshops & Leadership Seminars to help High Performers achieve their full potential  

These bespoke team workshops and leadership events help high performing professionals and senior leaders develop the emotional strength, self-awareness and empathetic understanding to excel in a competitive corporate environment.

Work with our business psychologists and experienced coaches to leverage the latest thinking around mindfulness, strengths analysis and resilience.

Workshops & Seminars can be tailored for;

  • C-Suite Leaders & Senior Executives
  • New & Future Leaders
  • Specific teams or groups
  • High Performers & Rising Stars
  • Your Clients & Partners

Mindfulness for Top Performance

Discover how basic mindfulness and meditation techniques can help you gain new perspectives and be successful in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) economy. Go against the flow of ‘more is better’ and harness the ‘power of less’ to become more productive and improve your quality of life.

Typically, attendees might explore:

How do distractions affect my performance?

What techniques can I use to build up my resilience and not be overly affected by changes and turmoil at my workplace or in the markets?

How can I use mindfulness techniques to improve my focus, achieve greater clarity and make better decisions?

How can I identify and break out of negative thought patterns and behaviours that are holding me back?

How can I gain better control over my own mind?

How can I achieve top performance that brings me peace, clarity and happiness… and not have success in work cost me these things?

Playing to your Strengths

Attendees discover their own strengths and those of their colleagues, identifying how they can develop and be most productive as a team by drawing on each others’ talents.

Typically, attendees might explore:

How can I identify and fully appreciate my strengths?  Are there strengths that I take for granted or underestimate?
How can I best leverage my strengths to help me achieve my goals and make better decisions about my career and work?
When should I use my strengths and when should I step outside my comfort zone to try something different? How do I make sure I don’t over utilise my strengths, when another approach would work better?
What do other people’s strengths look like? How different are they from mine? How can I recognise and utilise others’ strengths better?
How can we make the best use of the different talents and capabilities in our team and in ourselves to strategically plan projects and deliver the best outcomes for our clients?
How can I turn my corporate culture into one where everybody really gets to play to their strengths?

Positivity & Minimising Stress in the Workplace

Discover techniques and measures to help you manage stress, improve your emotional well-being and increase your personal effectiveness at work and in life.

Typically, attendees might explore:

How can I better manage my frustrations and multiple sources of stress?

Is it possible to minimise my stress levels?

What can I do to alleviate stressful situations?

How can I spot toxic situations or potential triggers for stress earlier, and how can I avoid these?

How do major emotions affect the mind and body? How do these affect my performance at work?

How can I operate from a place of greater calmness, stability and clarity?

How can I create new positive habits to alleviate stress and increase my effectiveness?

How can new positive habits help me achieve greater happiness, fulfillment and success at work?

Resilience & Grit

Attendees explore the importance of resilience to long term success and how to encourage and celebrate ‘grit’ in themselves, in their team and in their organisation’s culture.

Typically, attendees might explore:

How can I become more resilient and how can I make my team / employees more resilient?

What do resilient mindsets and behaviours look like in my workplace? What is the difference between a ‘fixed mindset’ and a ‘growth mindset’?

Are some people naturally more resilient than others and can you learn resilience? What would such a transformation look like?

How can I nurture a culture of resilience and get this to ‘stick’ within my company or team?

How do I address challenges to resilience, such as fear of failure, a willingness to give up easily or an aversion to taking risks?

How to spot resilience when hiring new team members.

How do I ensure myself and my team always learn from mistakes and emerge from setbacks even stronger.

These topics can be explored as a series of 2-hour seminars, as 1/2-day masterclasses or as full-day events.

Seminars & Masterclasses
Short and intensive 2-hour seminars are a great way to introduce some of these topics to your workplace. Seminars can be delivered as part of a broader event or programme. Alternatively some clients choose to offer seminars over lunch or as part of broader workplace training or employee welfare schemes.
Workshops & Events
Workshops and events enable our Business Psychologists to explore one or more of these topics in more depth with your attendees.  Sessions are highly interactive with attendee-driven discussion and exploration a key part of each workshop.

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