Build Your Own Presentation Skills Programme – Instant Quote

Choose a 1-day or 2-day programme to meet your requirements.

The course builder offers a quick quote for a group of up to 8 people. If you are looking to train more than 8 people or would like to tailor the programme further to suit your specific needs, please email or call 01280 820 780 to speak to one of our team.

The workshop would be delivered by one of Bigrock’s expert Presentation Skills trainers. You can opt to host the programme at your offices or at a location of your choice.

1-day Presentation Skills Workshop

In the morning, attendees would explore sessions on:

  • ‘Why we are here’ and objectives for the workshop.
  • What makes an effective presentation?
  • The importance of preparing for a presentation and how to structure your presentation content.
  • Techniques for delivering your presentation: including how to manage your audience and how to use tone of voice, the right words and body language effectively.
  • Setting yourself up for success – how to build your confidence and be ready to deliver.

The afternoon is devoted to practice and group feedback, with each attendee preparing and delivering a 10-minute presentation. Each attendee would gain feedback from their peers and the Bigrock facilitator.

2-day Presentation Skills Workshop

The 2-day workshop would combine the content included in the 1-day workshop with additional sessions on:

  • Group presentation practice, where attendees begin day 2 by preparing and delivering a short group presentation on the key learns and outputs from day 1.
  • Using your natural style to its full advantage, including how to influence in a presentation and a specific ‘persuade me’ activity.
  • Communication styles and how to design and deliver your presentation so that it appeals to the different communication styles of your audience.
  • The power of positive thinking and how a positive mindset can drive success.
  • Ensuring you embed your learning and utilise new techniques in your next presentation.