A Bigrock Development Partnership

Driving Growth through Deeper
Customer Relationships


Hanover Search Group (HSG) were looking to accelerate the transformation of HSG into a highly-specialised search firm, recognised for its deep expertise and connections within the Insurance, Asset Management and Wealth Management industries. The business was looking to increase turnover significantly and drive growth, whilst adapting and responding to changes in the world of recruitment and search.

HSG chose Bigrock, as a development partner with deep experience of their market place, to design and deliver a bespoke change programme that would achieve their objectives. The business were looking to give team members the capability and confidence to build deeper and broader relationships with both clients and candidates, optimise the ‘customer’ experience they deliver and, as a result, drive greater commercial returns.

HSG opted to work with Bigrock in partnership over 12 months, with a profit share ‘pay as you grow’ pricing model, that saw us link a proportion of our fees to the successful achievement of agreed targets.


Following an initial diagnostic, we created a bespoke change and development programme that has seen us work with leaders, managers and team members through a blend of consultancy, coaching, workshops and digital learning solutions.

Over the course of the first year’s partnership, we flexed and tailored the programme to reflect market challenges
(e.g. Brexit) and the firm’s changing situation, including new management structures and the acquisition of a US partner firm.

The programme has seen us work with all HSG team members to optimise their approach to client and candidate conversations and to help team members build stronger relationships with clients, based on a deeper and broader understanding of their needs.


In year 1, HSG faced a commercially challenging economic landscape, with a number of unexpected factors (like Brexit). Leaders have commented that Bigrock’s support directly contributed to HSG’s progress with their growth plans in this time of commercial uncertainty.

We continue to support HSG, providing induction training, workshops and digital learning.


“It was the best few hours of training I have had…I’ve come away feeling more confident about my own ability than ever before, whilst being far more mindful of how to better engage and listen to my clients going forward. Amazing!”

Partner, Hanover Search Group

“Our Bigrock Consultant came with us to client meetings this afternoon and the value gained was exceptional. The pre- and post- meeting prep and analysis was incredibly useful as was further discussion around how to implement the strategies. This is brilliantly crafted and incredibly effective and I would encourage everyone to grab Bigrock as soon as you can. It will definitely have a big impact on your business if you use these tools effectively.”

Client Director, Hanover Search Group

“The facilitator was engaging and had all members share their own experiences and apply them to the theories and
structures we were studying making it very applicable to real-life instances. The materials were thorough and easy to follow along—also a great take away to review and apply later. Chris really made this workshop great and easy to understand, engage, and further apply to our daily work.”

Associate, Hanover Search Group

“Superb, excellent and thought provoking

Partner, Hanover Search Group

“I have to say I did not expect much of the training and thought it would just be like any other workshop, but the facilitator has done an amazing job and I think we have all learned quite a lot in one day. I cannot think of anything to be improved. Structure was great and the material we received was also brilliant.”

Associate, Hanover Search Group

“In my two separate sessions I have found Bigrock training very engaging and thought provoking….It’s very encouraging (and not surprising) that other businesses are working with Bigrock to apply modern thinking to sales and service delivery. The IDI and IDB concepts of consultative selling are models I will try to immediately adopt and thinking about the ‘why first’ idea of selling a concept is something I will also try to use particularly when selling Hanover’s value proposition. Great course!”

Consultant, Hanover Search Group

Post-workshop learner video feedback:

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