Minimise Departures…Maximise Arrivals

Persuading customers to stay using a consultative approach and a strong Value Proposition


Uplift in Sales


Increase in Inbound Retention


Aviva Health Ireland sought to balance market share and scalability with new initiatives to drive profitability.

In a market where the majority of insurers offered the same basic products, Aviva looked to sell a more bespoke product targeted to customers’ needs.


Following Bigrock’s success with Aviva UK, Aviva Health Ireland CEO Alison Burns invited Bigrock to propose a development programme to embed a consultative sales approach. After an extensive discovery process, Bigrock began by introducing the principles and techniques of consultative sales to the Senior Leadership Team. Bigrock Directors led discussions around the business’ values, ensuring these values informed the value proposition that would sit at the heart of every consultative sale.

With Senior Leaders prepared to drive change forward, Bigrock focused on Managers’ development and coaching skills. In a bespoke Managers Excellence Course, Managers were taught the knowledge, skills and process to manage the future development of their team.

The consultative sales approach was rolled out to the entire sales force in 3 day ‘What Matters’ Advisers Excellence Courses. We coached both the B2B Intermediary Business Development Managers and the outsourced B2C Telephony Sales team on sales processes and values.


In the 3 months after the initial roll out of the Consultative Sales training, the B2C Telephony Sales Team (outsourced to Abtran, a leading outsourced telephony provider) experienced:


Uplift in Sales


Increase in Quote to Sale Conversion


Increase in Call to Sale Conversion


Increase in Inbound Retention

All this was achieved with only an 11% increase in call time.

The B2B Business Development Managers experienced a 120% average increase in Conversion Rates in the first 2 months post training.

Following the success of this programme, Aviva Ireland engaged Bigrock to develop consultative sales skills and processes in their GI and Life Insurance divisions too.

Furthermore, Abtran are exploring how consultative selling techniques may help their other clients in the future.


Since employing Bigrock’s Consultative Selling approach Aviva have received outstanding customer feedback:
Aviva should lock you in a glass box so you can never leave, as you are the best person I have ever spoken to on a sales call. I’m impressed on how well I know the insurance I am taking up & now feel I am in the right place for our health insurance needs.

Customer feedback on Inbound Sales

I called to cancel but because of what you told me I am staying with Aviva, you are very good at your job.

Customer feedback on Inbound Retention

You explained everything very well. This is the first time I understood how my plan worked and that was excellent.

Customer feedback on Outbound Retention

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