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Ensuring a Consistent Compliant Sales Process


Following a review of current sales practice, Sanlam sought to enhance Financial Planners’ sales capabilities to ensure best practice outcomes from a customer, a compliance and a business perspective. Employees had mixed degrees of experience and training; best practice had not been defined or communicated. Sanlam sought a development partner to assist employees in sharing expertise and experience, while embedding a compliant sales process that would work in practice and achieve great results. Sanlam asked Bigrock to train and embed a redefined sales process, as soon as possible.


Bigrock re-engineered the sales process to ensure financial planners came away from client meetings with an understanding of the client’s motivations and drivers so that they could provide tailored advice based on revealed needs rather than transactional product based sales. An intensive coaching programme was delivered to those Financial Planners identified by Sanlam as most likely to benefit from Bigrock’s expertise.


Bigrock redefined a compliant sales process and delivered training within a month of Sanlam’s initial request. The course confirmed best practice and expectations for the more experienced delegates while coaching new skills and competencies for those with less experience.


Delegates rated the course Very Good or Excellent


From a Compliance perspective the course provides an ideal way in which to cover ‘KYC’ (Know Your Client) and identify aims, objectives and needs…an ideal map for a suitability report presents itself. The full process will lead to compliant suitable solutions.
Tim Schofield

Compliance Consultant , Sanlam Private Investments (UK)

First class presentation & delivery.
Tim Wall

Financial Planning Director, Sanlam Private Investments (UK)

Some excellent tips on Objection Handling. I found the self-reflection on influencing styles and how to put them in context during client meetings very useful.
Colin Hayward

Financial Planner, Sanlam Private Investments (UK)

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