Raising the Bar for Pitching

Being the Best with Advanced Pitch Workshops


Following the success of Bigrock’s previous Pitch & Presentation courses for Aegon’s Workplace team, the business was looking to further develop the team’s pitch capability to raise the bar, stay ahead of the rest of the market and be the best at pitching.

Plus, with two teams coming together following a recent merger, Aegon was looking to equip the new team with the skills to sell their new proposition in a compelling way, in order to maximise win rates and ensure the team meet and exceed their growth targets.


We spent time with the key stakeholders to gain an understanding of their key requirements and objectives for pitching. We then designed and delivered a bespoke workshop that built on the success of our earlier programme, whilst reflecting the changing nature of both the Aegon proposition and the market since our first courses. We designed a workshop that both consolidated the team’s existing pitch skills and pushed them to elevate their approach and achieve new heights. We also provided the team with a digital learning room on Pitch Excellence, where the team could explore pitch best practice before and after their workshop.

At the workshops, our pitch experts gave Aegon the structure, skills and practical guidance to articulate their new proposition. Advanced techniques for both preparing and delivering an effective pitch were explored, discussed and shared. The team then had the opportunity to practise and apply their learning, before further refining their pitches.


Linda Whorlow, Aegon UK Commercial Director, who both commissioned and attended the programme, provided the following testimony:
“Feedback from across the team has been great. Bigrock listened to our key requirements, and building on from the great foundations laid in the first programme, you fully met the brief.

The Bigrock facilitators were superb, showing a real aptitude and understanding of how to help us become even better at what we do. We are already seeing success. Not only has the programme helped the team enhance their approach to pitching, it has also helped bring the newly merged team together to embrace a consistent approach and a shared goal: being the best.”

Linda Whorlow


Richard Lockhart, Head of Workplace Implementation, who also attended, reported some great results:
“Last week I had a debrief with a client we have just transitioned 17m for. …I asked specifically about the pitch and [the client] said ‘above all others you had clearly listened to what we said, played that back to us and showed how you were the right fit for our needs’. The decision was unanimous and while made formally a while after the pitch, the result was clear on the day.”
Richard Lockhart



“One of the best training courses I’ve ever attended.”

Client Manager, Aegon

“Quality was excellent, as was the structure. Both facilitators presented excellently and brought a lot of energy to both days.”

Account Director, Aegon

“Ideas are superb and easy to understand and put into practice.”

Senior Implementation Manager, Aegon

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